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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Black Men Are Selfish Series

(Excerpt) Ch. 7

Great Expectations

Are you good enough to get mad?

“Not doubt, certainty is what drives one mad” -Nietzsche

                   Robert Rosenthal performed an experiment in a school one year to disclose the extent expectations have on people. He had the principal of the school call in three teachers into the office at the beginning of a school year. These teachers were told that they had been chosen as the best teachers in the entire school based on performance tests and likeability from the students. Because of this they were told that three classes were set aside for them consisting of only the brightest students in the school. They then told the teachers that they weren’t allowed to tell the students of this special accommodation in fears of discrimination suits. The teachers were told to use the same teachings, curriculum and that they expected great things to come of this......Click Here for more

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