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Monday, June 13, 2011

Organic Thoughts

Organic Thoughts

       Be a witness someone said, so the next man won’t walk blind, but in my eyes the process feels incomplete like 15 minus 9, or a highway without a sign, for it was on the 7th day He rested, but when logic forces me back to Earth the roads are still congested. Vision vandals rewrittin’ the message in my own screenplay, ad libin and tryna play a part telling me the he say she say. It’s like the more I seek the target the more I hear the arrows coming, you are what you eat, so pack light to reach the summit. No shortcuts to the peak, and If you waste your time searchin’ you’ll be in great company, everyone takes Easy Street. It’s right next to the corner you once cut while in a hurry, the idea had a ring to it, now to that habit I pronounce you married. I rid my thought process of processed thoughts and ordinary, cut out the middle man found extraordinary. Without a witness the time spent was never bought, keep it light and simple with Organic thoughts.

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