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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Untitled (Reader Requested Topic)

          No one can see the scars left behind. Her I.D. only shows where she is headed. She hopes they see it too, so they can quit asking about her job or purpose. She’s running out of excuses trying to explain each step she takes. She knows she’s on the right path, they may laugh, but she’s just executing a plan that was given before birth. Her I.D. symbolizes her purpose and she somehow gets satisfaction by just knowing she has a job to do. The superintendent, often reminds her, just like her superiors once did, that she can only become a pawn in someone elses chess game and if she’s lucky the king will put a ring turning the queen into more than “That Thing”. These morals were always taught by those she looks up to and have been stained in her brain since birth and shadow her around and become even more evident when the sun is at it’s brightest. Its gotten to the point where she sees it being spoken through other people and even situations. Its as if everyone’s in on the joke. She stares at her I.D. which says that she‘s fully capable of completing the job by herself. No man required. Dreams start contradicting each other. Something about the super doesn’t make sense. Failed attempts at the job make her wonder if she should change the description on the I.D. Chaos ensues, until she remembers what got her through the last time this happened. She knows that it’s drive that brings her pleasure and a voice deep within says “Ebony go”. The chains that locked her into that dark place of confusion break loose. “Ebony go”. She needs inspiration to keep going faster than she can say her name, so she just chants “E-go”. She now has a defense against anything that would even attempt to embarrass her. She found the key to success. Her “ego” is no longer just a chant, but can now be seen in her clothes and material possessions. Her ‘ego” is now a force field, and anyone that doesn’t know her agenda now, she would be glad to let them know. Friends become intimidated, everyone else irritated, no one understands. “Better them than me”. She says “Understand what I’m fightin’ against and you’ll understand my ‘ego’”.......PART 2 COMING SOON.
*Based on Id, Super Ego, and Ego.

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